Korenix provides the comprehensive surveillance solutions   Due to the emerging technological innovations, IP video surveillance on public transport (such as buses, trams, railroad, metro) has become vital for reducing crime and vandalism. 

Korenix Technologythe World Leader in IP Surveillance Network, has been dedicated in developing the most innovative and state-of-the-art products to ensure video transmission quality and reliability for various vertical markets.
Korenix provides the comprehensive surveillance solutions from the front-end IP camera connection, the middle backbone of network data transmission, to the monitoring room management.

Market concerns:
  • With the lack of 48VDC power source, deployment of IP on moving platforms requires extra expenses and decreases efficiency while using additional power adapter for its conversion.
  • The uniquely harsh environment on moving platforms leads to extreme temperature and humidity ranges as well as the need for mechanical robustness. 
  • Certification approvals for various public transportation systems: EN 50155, EN 61373 - Railway Complience, E-mark approval for bus/vehicle, NEMA TS2 compliance for highway.

Korenix presents outstanding computing and networking solutions that greatly resolve abovementioned concerns and enhance the surveillance networks in mobile applications while minimizing costs. 
To know more about it, please refer to the solutions provided in "Surveillance" section.

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